Bug Luggage® fly boxes feature individual ‘Elevated Fly Stations’, injection molded from a high tech elastomer. These raised mini clamps isolate each fly, and prevent them from tangling. Gone forever are antiquated and awkward little compartments, destructive metal clips, chaotic magnetic pads and those rapidly shredded poly-foam pads found in other fly storage systems.

The Bug Luggage® exclusive ‘Elevated Fly Stations’ securely grip each hook along its side, from bend to point. Even heavily weighted barb-less flies are held securely in an upright position, perfect for viewing and selection, and easy to install and remove. Flies will not fall out during transport, or when the box is opened. Flies will never fall over to one side and obscure their neighbors from view. Bug Luggage® is available in many colors, to make sorting flies by type, or the destination where they are used, easier than ever. There are models and ‘Elevated Fly Station’ configurations to suit every fresh- or saltwater angling situation, which will hold every hook from size 4/0 to 22.

Bug Luggage® boxes are heat resistant and crush-proof, with an easy to operate clasp, lanyard ring, and liners that will not absorb water, shred or wear out…ever! Entirely made in the USA, they are the only fly box to carry a 20-year warranty. If any Bug Luggage® box fails for any reason, it will be replaced without question.

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